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Founded in January of 2023, iMaGine was created by Jessie Ritter, owner of Dugarel's Bar & Grill. After years of successfully raising money for the community with donations, fundraising events and charitable gambling programs at her business, she decided to step it up a bit, and create a foundation that would include not just the initiatives at Dugarel's but also throughout the community.

Grace and Maddy

The non-profit foundation was established in honor of Jessie's daughters, Maddy and Grace! The iMaGine Foundation! [The M and the G in the logo represent her girls!]

iMaGine is funded by charitable gambling programs and ongoing special menu items at Dugarel's, as well as various FUNdraisers throughout the year not only at Duggies, but also throughout the community

Money raised by the iMaGine will be used to fill funding gaps throughout the community, especially in the Hastings Schools. Field trips, teacher supplies, special programs and more!

iMaGine..... what we can do together!

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